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Kathy Knight, Owner
Dawn Skoglund, Owner

My daughter Dawn and I became aware of Reflexology when a family member who is a nurse introduced us to the modality.  I was in menopause and was experiencing a long bout of insomnia.  I had seen my physician and was prescribed sleeping pills.  I didnít feel comfortable taking them and was looking into alternative ways to remedy the problem.  My sister was taking a course in complementary health and described my situation to a reflexologist and asked if she could help.  After my third reflexology session, I slept through the night and it hasnít been a problem since. 

Dawn and I enrolled in Bay State Academy of Holistic Health in Bolton, MA and we were fascinated with the benefits of reflexology.  We were eager to finish our training as reflexologists and received our certification from the American Reflexology Certification Board in 2004.

Each year we continue our learning and training through completing our CEUís.  In the fall of 2010 we received training in Face Reflexology and we are excited to offer this to our clients.

Natural Pathways is nationally certified through the American Reflexology Certification Board.  Kathy Knight and Dawn Skoglund own and operate Natural Pathways located in Auburn, MA.

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